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Pages: 226

Growing Up Green

Or How to Survive U.S. Army Basic Training and Live to Write About It

“Growing Up Green is the most raw, unedited and accurate depiction of Khalid Saleem’s life experiences in the Army…Showing how with humor and positive thought even your toughest battles can be overcome!”  —McKena Aubrey, Specialist, U.S. Army


Meet Khalid Saleem—a young, African-American Muslim  growing up in a mostly typical suburban family, who, in 1998 at the age of seventeen, makes a major decision that will affect the rest of his life in ways he could not even begin to imagine. Without consulting his parents, he joins the U.S. Army —the “Green,” as he calls it. And it turns out to be the best decision he could have possibly made.

Here is Khalid’s unabashed, candid and humorous telling of his time in Basic Training where he learned, among other things, how to march, run, shoot, do  push-ups, obey orders, work as a team and, above all, become a man.


“[It] had me laughing out loud while thinking about the similarities it shares with my own Basic Training experiences. This tale perfectly illustrates the diversity and experience found on the emotional roller coaster of becoming a soldier.”  —Josh Bither, Specialist, U.S. Army

Author will donate 50% of proceeds to Veteran charities.

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