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Twenty-Four Years of Improbable but True Tales of Service with Uncle Sam’s Army
By: Larry A. Redmond
“A riveting, detailed account of a superb soldier's career.
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Memories of WW II
By: Charles S. McCandless
Originally written for his family, A Flash of Green recounts Charles McCandless’ unusual career as a naval officer in the Pacific.
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Veterans' Stories from One American Town: Scituate, Massachusetts
By: Ronald Wheatley
Special offer for members of the 1st Signal Brigade Association--1/2 price and free shipping now through Oct. 16th!
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The World War I Diary and Letters of Elmer O. Smith
By: John DellaGiustina
In 1917, U.S. military forces deployed to France and contributed significantly to the Allied defeat of Imperial Germany along the Western Front in 1918.
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Jamestown 1617
By: Jan Frazier
In 1617, eleven-year-old Jeremiah Clements arrived on the shores of the New World with his mother, Elizabeth, and three siblings.
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Memoir of An Angry Skipper
By: Henry "Rocky" Colavita
From an early age Henry "Rocky" Colavita dreamed of becoming an Army officer. And a policeman. He eventually did both.
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A Novel of War and Brotherhood
By: Michael March
In the tradition of Catch 22 and M*A*S*H, Each One a Hero stretches the limits and dynamics of military service.
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A Levi Hart Thriller
By: Richard Craig Anderson
In Follow Apollo, the long-awaited sequel to Cobra Clearance, Levi Hart puts courage before safety as he leads a team of counter-terrorist operatives out to nab Yuri Bogrov, a bil
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By: Kevin Emmet Foley
American merchant ships in the Mediterranean Sea are attacked and plundered by Barbary pirates, their crews enslaved and ransomed by Tripoli’s vicious ruler, Yusuf.
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From Military Wife to Country Life
By: Nancy Quinn
Have you ever found a cougar on your swing set or a moose in your driveway? Go West, Young Woman!
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Or How to Survive U.S. Army Basic Training and Live to Write About It
By: Khalid Saleem
“Growing Up Green is the most raw, unedited and accurate depiction of Khalid Saleem’s life experiences in the Army…Showing how with humor and positive thought even your toughest battles can be
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A Novel
By: Richard C. Bachus
It's 1989, and Nick Becker has left a promising career as a big city newspaperman to fight for his family’s old farmstead in Northern Michigan.
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One G.I.'s Journey: Vietnam 1970-1971
By: Tom Messenger
With the escalation of the Vietnam War in the late 1960s, the American military discovered it needed a new kind of helicopter to cope with the rugged environmental and combat conditions its fightin
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By: Gary Ryman
“An incredible read! The Chief has blended just about all of the elements of a great American novel into this one—Mystery, Murder, Greed, a Sexy Love Story and Great Fire Fighting Action.
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One Woman's Story of Wildfire, Family and the Zen of Survival
By: Melissa Severa
When the Southern California mountain communities of Idyllwild, Mountain Center, Pine Cove, and Garner Valley are threatened by a massive wildfire, Melissa Severa, her family, friends, neighbors—an
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The WWII Diary of E.W. Paulus, M.D.
By: E.W. Paulus, M.D.
This is the personal, wartime diary of E.W. Paulus, M.D., a day-by-day chronicle of his WWII military experience from January 1, 1942 through October 19, 1945.
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A Novel
By: James Hogan
High Pockets, Dudley, Eli, Pinapple, Brownie. Young soldiers trying to stay alive. It's Vietnam in 1968 and doing so is easier said than done. Drugs, hookers, rock and roll.
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By: Dale Reich
Written and illustrated by Dale Reich, it tells the story of how a young boy named Noah helps a neighbor and makes a new friend in the process.
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The Inspirational Story of One Teacher's Sixth Grade Students' Search for the WWII Survivors of a Downed B-17
By: Suzanne Zobrist Kelly
In October 1942, a B-17 carrying a crew and passengers, including famed WWI Ace and Medal of Honor recipient Eddie Rickenbacker, was forced to ditch in the Pacific Ocean
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The Troubled Life and Times of J.P. Nunnally, USN
By: Del Staecker
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