By: Stephen L. Goldstein
If you are new to the business of fundraising, you may be discovering just how difficult and befuddling the process can be. And if you`ve been in it for a while, you might be in need of some new information and inspiration to help you achieve your goals.
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The Life & Times of Nevada's Senator William J. Raggio
By: Michael Archer
William J. Raggio is one of Nevada's best known and most admired citizens.
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The Perverted Pursuit of Justice in the State of New York
By: Stuart Namm
Originally elected against great odds, post Watergate, Judge Stuart Namm spent over sixteen years on the bench in Suffolk County, New York, a Long Island suburb of New York City. 
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My Life as a Spy and Other Grand Adventures
By: Shirley H. Perry
The SS United States moves slowly from its moorings, bound for Le Harve, carrying Shirley H. Perry across the waters to Vienna, Austria, on her first assignment abroad with the CIA...
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By: Elisa M. Camara
On October 23, 1983, a suicide bomber rammed a truck filled with explosives into barracks housing United States Marines in Beirut, Lebanon. Two hundred forty-one Americans died that day.
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A Memoir of American Families in Iran: 1975-1979
By: Sandra Kelton Pitts
Iran, 1975. The Shah is firmly in power and Americans, including members of the U.S military, are living and working in the country.
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The Adventures of a Federal Agent
By: Bill Everett
Bill Everett was eleven years old when he walked into the office of the Chief of Police with a bag of popcorn in one hand, his badge in the other, and identified himself a
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A Practical Guide to Uncovering Your Family History
By: Jim Dane
For most of his life, author and genealogical researcher Jim Dane thought he was a mixture of German and English, with possibly a little Scandinavian thrown in for good measure.
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From Military Wife to Country Life
By: Nancy Quinn
Have you ever found a cougar on your swing set or a moose in your driveway? Go West, Young Woman!
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Or How to Survive U.S. Army Basic Training and Live to Write About It
By: Khalid Saleem
“Growing Up Green is the most raw, unedited and accurate depiction of Khalid Saleem’s life experiences in the Army…Showing how with humor and positive thought even your toughest battles can be
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Lessons from Admiral Lord Nelson
By: Joseph F. Callo
Legacy of Leadership is a penetrating view of the exceptional leadership of Vice Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson, one of history's most successful naval commanders.
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One Woman's Story of Wildfire, Family and the Zen of Survival
By: Melissa Severa
When the Southern California mountain communities of Idyllwild, Mountain Center, Pine Cove, and Garner Valley are threatened by a massive wildfire, Melissa Severa, her family, friends, neighbors—an
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A True Story of Life Along Arkansas’ South Highway 14 and the Buffalo River
By: Jenny Barnes Butler
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Profiles in Military Leadership
By: Kevin D. Stringer
Swiss-Made Heroes provides a biographical array of nine officers, all with Swiss roots, in a single volume that covers a period from the Middle Ages to World War II.
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Devastation, Courage and the Heroic Rescue Efforts of U.S. Coast Guard Helicopter 1305
By: Doug Kroll
On Christmas Eve 1955, a series of fierce storms pounded northern California resulting in flooding that officials called "the greatest disaster in California since the San Francisco earthquake in 1
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One Woman's Journey through West Point
By: Gail O'Sullivan Dwyer
"Authentic, compelling...Anyone interested in what really goes on inside the high-pressure, high-testosterone leadership lab that produces some of the nation`s finest Army officers will enjoy this
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By: Nathan Ritzo
For Sergeant Mathew Duffy, U.S. Army, Camp Victory, Baghdad, Iraq in 2004 was a hot, hostile environment. A place where he experienced two distinct worlds of conflict.
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By: Jeff Golden
Two dates burn fiercely in the memory of millions of Americans: November 22, 1963 and September 11, 2001.
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Confessions of a Recovering Journalist
By: Paul Fattig
Like two bright-eyed lambs trotting happily off to slaughter, Paul and Maureen Fattig had no idea what was in store when they bought the woebegone old cabin along Sterling Creek in the upper reache
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The Amazing People, Places & Stories of Southern Oregon
By: Dennis Powers
“There are many surprises in Where Past Meets Present, from interesting people and strange places to little known facts and milestone events.
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