Historical Fiction

A PTSD Odyssey
By: Donald N. Burton
"Don Burton's ‘By What is Sure to Follow’ takes us from carefree college days into the Vietnam War’s pit of hell, and it's a pit Mr. Burton knows something about.
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Jamestown 1617
By: Jan Frazier
In 1617, eleven-year-old Jeremiah Clements arrived on the shores of the New World with his mother, Elizabeth, and three siblings.
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A Novel of War and Brotherhood
By: Michael March
In the tradition of Catch 22 and M*A*S*H, Each One a Hero stretches the limits and dynamics of military service.
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By: C.P. Tertius
Two people from two vastly different cultures on a collision course to romance, adventure and…destiny!
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By: Kevin Emmet Foley
American merchant ships in the Mediterranean Sea are attacked and plundered by Barbary pirates, their crews enslaved and ransomed by Tripoli’s vicious ruler, Yusuf.
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By: Bruce Zielsdorf
GREEN CARD SOLDIER is the story of Andro Babich—a naïve, but inquisitive Bosnian teenage soccer star—as told by Heath Winslow—a cynical, self-deprecating war correspondent.
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A Novel
By: Richard C. Bachus
It's 1989, and Nick Becker has left a promising career as a big city newspaperman to fight for his family’s old farmstead in Northern Michigan.
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A Novel
By: James Hogan
High Pockets, Dudley, Eli, Pinapple, Brownie. Young soldiers trying to stay alive. It's Vietnam in 1968 and doing so is easier said than done. Drugs, hookers, rock and roll.
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A Civil War Sanctuary
By: Jan Frazier
Pre-order your copy today and save! Scheduled to ship on or about May 1st.
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By: Al Campo
An historical fiction account of the crew of a guided missile destroyer, at war and play, during the latter years of the Vietnam War...
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A Historical Novel of Love and Revolution
By: Guy Maynard
It’s Boston 1969 and nineteen-year-old Ben Tucker lives in a funky apartment on Mountfort Street with his tribe of fellow long-haired freaks.
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By: Nathan Ritzo
For Sergeant Mathew Duffy, U.S. Army, Camp Victory, Baghdad, Iraq in 2004 was a hot, hostile environment. A place where he experienced two distinct worlds of conflict.
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