Politics, Humor/Satire and General Non-Fiction
Ayn Rand Be Damned!
By: Stephen L. Goldstein
Here is the long-overdue obituary for the unbridled greed glorified by Atlas Shrugged and the prophet of profit.
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Who He Really Is and Why He Should Never Be President
By: Stephen L. Goldstein
The lazier members of the national press and various media pundits often refer to Jeb Bush as a “successful” former Florida governor.
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A Comic Mystery
By: Stephen L. Goldstein
Millie Campbell, 75, lives in a trailer park and always wears her “vintage” beret and sneakers.
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By: Stephen L. Goldstein
This Dictionary is a milestone in lexicon history: the first comprehensive, unvarnished dictionary of American political bullshit; it is a public service, a Rosetta Stone that arms average
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A Son's "Course" in "Rational" Caregiving
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