The True Story of a World War II Air Combat Crew
By: Neal Dillon
A USAF Pilot’s Memoir of Gunnery School and Flying the Storied F-86 F
By: Edward K. Mills II
In the spring of 1957, Edward Mills was awarded the silver wings of a pilot in the United States Air Force. Because he finished first in his pilot training class, he had his pick of assignments.
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History of USAF AC-119 “Shadow” Gunships in the Vietnam War
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The Search for WWII Ace Chris Magee
By: Robert Reed
Chris Magee was the leading ace under Major Gregory "Pappy" Boyington of the Marine Corp's legendary Black Sheep Squadron.
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The Life and Times of a Naval Aviator in WWII
By: Norman E. Berg
More than just another blood-'n-guts memoir, Norm Berg's MY CARRIER WAR is a detailed account of carrier pilots and their planes, an engaging love story and a courageous examination of a young man'
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The Flight of Linfield Two Zero One
By: Gary Wayne Foster
On May 14, 1967, a US Navy F-4B Phantom II jet, flown by Ev Southwick and Jack Rollins, launched from the USS Kitty Hawk.
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By: Mary Bracho
The PB2Y Coronados-massive, four-engine seaplanes known as the "Big Flying Boats"-were the ride of choice for dignitaries in the Pacific during WWII.
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A Glider Pilot Remembers WWII
By: Mark B. Bagley
One day, according to legend (and more than a few WWII glider pilots), several power plane pilots were ribbing a group of glidermen about the "G" in the center of their pilot's wings.
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Helicopter Rescue Missions During the Early Years of the Vietnam War
By: Scott Harrington
During the early years of the Vietnam War, several small cadres of men served their country and their fellow comrades-in-arms from a remote airbase cut out of the jungles of northeast Thailand.
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By: John Brennan
The personal naming of military aircraft in the Vietnam War is not unique in American history.
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